Broadcast and Media

Archive over Optical Discs

LuxorODA provides a longer storage life of digital content. It has been designed to satisfy the archive requirements of all audiovisual resources and data files very long term.

Everything you need for a TV channel

Designed to meet what a channel needs. Luxor VS400 is a high performance video server designed for ingesting, broadcasting, managing and viewing content. Thanks to its client-server open architecture...

Media Content Everywhere, Everytime

LuxorAIO manages any media format in any platform. Search, Manages, Transcode, Catalog, Share, Archive, Generates new content... ¡All in a single application!

Get the most out of your time

Xyrus, the most comprehensive tool on the market: Ingest, Selection, Edition, Transcoding, Publish and Share your Videos quickly and easily.

Distributed Files Solution

Khoras allows interconnection between different production sites through simple and transparent transcoding tools, providing multi-format video converter

Archive and Data Management

Backup and Archive

Digital Archive Management and Backup. Luxor 1000 is a Digital Archive and Backup revolutionary platform aimed at satisfying the growing storage needs of any industry that handles a high volume of data. It is the most inexpensive choice to ensure the durability of the assets of the company in the long term.

Security for all your business data

Protect all your long-term data. Luxor 100 is the cost-effective option to ensure the durability of your long-term assets. Allows you to do backups for multiple PCs or Macs and thereby protect your business critical data with the accuracy and profitability offered by LTO-6 tapes.

Medical Image Management

Simplify data management in health institutions. Medical image management systems is one of the greatest technological advances applied to the health sector by offering significant improvements and cost savings while reducing environmental impact.

Hot News

Sony presents Archival Disc, the successor to the Blue Ray with up to 1TB.

Sony and Panasonic announced 'Archival Disc', a new standard for professional-use, next-generation optical discs, with the objective of expanding the market for long-term digital data storage.

Will digital data outlive the human race?

Scientists at the University of Southampton have discovered how lasers can be used to store and retrieve vast amounts of data with a shard of glass...

Estructure News

Estructure Media Systems: Sony Solution Partner

Estructure Media Systems announced at NAB 2014 that LuxorODA has been certified by Sony as Solution Partner for its integration with ODA technology. This agreement represents the endorsement by the Japanese company of the development work done by Estructure...

First year of success with Vidiexco

Estructure Media Systems is celebrating the first year of the agreement with Vidiexco (Videointegrators Export Company).

Thanks NAB 2014

Estructure Media Systems want to thank the business partners for their support in this edition of NABSHOW 2014, and to all who visited our booth during the event. Special mention of, and for ceding of video and pictures.